The man in the picture

from by Niamh de Barra



He goes everywhere with his feet bare,
And his white beard sweeps the ground.

He's climbing up and down
A poem that's written on a long silk ribbon
That hangs from roof to ground.

As the stormclouds grow,
See how casually in his bare feet he strolls,
He is a man who knows not where he goes,
But he knows he's got to go.


from Below The Sea, released June 12, 2012




Niamh de Barra Offaly, Ireland

In Pearse Street station, I heard two strangers, on opposite platforms, exchange a song for a tune on the double bass. Everyone in the station fell silent as the man in tweed sang ‘Fly me to the moon’.

So I took to the music. It’s bad luck to ignore signs.
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