Below The Sea

by Niamh de Barra

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I spent a year living in the Netherlands in 2011/2012. These songs are from that time, and this EP was released on the amazing Black Lantern Music -


released June 12, 2012

Mastered by Mel Ryan
Artwork by Barry Quinn




Niamh de Barra Offaly, Ireland

In Pearse Street station, I heard two strangers, on opposite platforms, exchange a song for a tune on the double bass. Everyone in the station fell silent as the man in tweed sang ‘Fly me to the moon’.

So I took to the music. It’s bad luck to ignore signs.
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Track Name: The man in the picture
He goes everywhere with his feet bare,
And his white beard sweeps the ground.

He's climbing up and down
A poem that's written on a long silk ribbon
That hangs from roof to ground.

As the stormclouds grow,
See how casually in his bare feet he strolls,
He is a man who knows not where he goes,
But he knows he's got to go.
Track Name: Big day for the hunter
A hunter dressed in wolfskin
Holds his wooden spear
And stalks his prey.

A thunderbolt,
"Is there more to life, than what my hands can hold, and what my eyes behold?
Where does it come from,
This thing called a soul?
Soars free, like a bird,
And drags me around by the nose,
With promises of the unknown."

Watch out, watch out,
A stealthy wolf now creeps behind him
Track Name: Big day below the sea
There's something coming from the cloud above,
The cloud around, the cloud below.
This big picture paralyses,
Numbs, and then, it apathises,
So much to overcome.

Feed, feed, feed that GDP,
A shakedown by captains of industry
Alone who profit from
The winds of war and trade unfair,
Choose the smoking chimney,
Or the smoking gun.

Brutalism, petro-chem, an ocean drowns in plastic,
Mega-corp says, "spend, spend, spend"
They've gone soft in the head,
Get rich, and die in the attempt,
And they'll take us out as well.

Put that shoulder to the wheel,
Mouths to feed,
Put a hurtin of efficiency on all those you consider near and dear.

Don't rock the boat,
Right now, it barely floats.
There's a demon on my shoulder, preaching comfort and fear,
Though it's said it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees,
It's just too much of a leap.

Or is it?
Track Name: Rugcutter
I see you, baby,
Shakin' that ass,
Shakin' that ass.

Shake it, shake it, shake it,
Like you know you've got it,
Death is at the door,
And the only hope is to,
Shake it, shake it, shake it,
Like you know you've got it.

There's something in the air that whispers,
"Anything, anything, now, could happen."